5 Things to Think About When Taking an Extended Stay Near LAX

A regular hotel is a great place to stay — as long as you’re only going to be somewhere for a week or less. But after several days, the lack of home comforts, the housekeeping right in the busiest part of your day, and those itty-bitty little coffeepots start to get to you. If you need to be abroad — even if it’s only a few counties away — for more than a couple of weeks, you really don’t want to stay in a hotel.
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Living In Short Term Housing: LAX Edition

Many business travelers who need to spend several days or several months in LA find themselves with a dilemma that seems to have no easily solution — but in fact is already solved by the presence of short-term housing by LAX. Motels and hotels that cater to the tourist industry don’t generally have everything that a businessman needs and also require someone expecting to stay for a month or more to bring a myriad of basic supplies.
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8 Reasons To Choose Corporate Housing in El Segundo

Corporate housing in El Segundo is right at the edge of the business district and still close to the airport, making it ideal for businessmen that will only be here for a few weeks or months and then moving on to a different place entirely. While public transport is also easily available, corporate housing generally also comes with locked garages for your rental or company cars.
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