5 Things to Think About When Taking an Extended Stay Near LAX

A regular hotel is a great place to stay — as long as you’re only going to be somewhere for a week or less. But after several days, the lack of home comforts, the housekeeping right in the busiest part of your day, and those itty-bitty little coffeepots start to get to you. If you need to be abroad — even if it’s only a few counties away — for more than a couple of weeks, you really don’t want to stay in a hotel.

If you’re coming to the City of Angels, there are excellent options for an extended stay near LAX. Here are five things you should consider when weighing a hotel versus a short-term apartment by LAX:

Do you want to spend those weeks in 300 square feet, or 1200? The simple ability to walk into a different room is exceedingly heartening in the face of a month or longer stay. Let’s not even mention the fact that in an extended stay apartment, one of those rooms is a fully-equipped kitchen and how wonderful that is.

A high-quality hotel might offer a pool and an exercise room — but a furnished apartment offers, well, furnishings. You can walk in with a suitcase and literally have everything you need to live a full life at your fingertips, from silverware and dishes to linens and high-speed Internet at no extra charge. Which is more important?

Rather than having housecleaning poking their noses around your business every single day for weeks on end, you can have the place all to yourself — and if you want to bring home a guest or invite some friends for a game night, that’s your business.

Rather than bring a pile of your own goods with you in order to make a long hotel stay viable, an extended stay apartment can give you everything you need without leaving you with the responsibility to carry it all across the country and back.

There’s nothing quite like getting the bill for a few weeks of paying the nightly rate at a hotel — you don’t realize how fast those nights add up. Getting into a weekly or monthly arrangement with an extended stay apartment can save you a staggering amount of money.