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Living In Short Term Housing: LAX Edition

Many business travelers who need to spend several days or several months in LA find themselves with a dilemma that seems to have no easily solution — but in fact is already solved by the presence of short-term housing by LAX. Motels and hotels that cater to the tourist industry don’t generally have everything that a businessman needs and also require someone expecting to stay for a month or more to bring a myriad of basic supplies.
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Let’s Look At Fully Furnished Apartments In Marina Del Rey

Fully-furnished apartments: in Marina Del Rey, they’re a relatively new invention. Renting out an apartment with all of the necessities of everyday life was unheard even a decade ago, because it was strictly a liability to the landlord. But as the economic crunch has forced everything into a mode of practicality and economy, some landlords found a peculiar niche: furnished apartments near LAX.
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A Few Things To Remember About the Short Term Apartments in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is one of the most traveled-to areas in the United States, second perhaps to New York City. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sun-soaking beachgoer, a Disney enthusiast, a lover of the city and it’s remarkable cultural heritage, or “just” an executive coming to LA for business purposes — almost anyone can find something they love in the LA area.
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What Is Corporate Housing? Los Angeles Has Lots Of Answers

‘Corporate Housing’: Los Angeles has plenty of it these days, but what is ‘Corporate Housing’? In the broadest sense, corporate housing is a temporary housing situation that is most commonly purchased, rented, or leased by a company — though individuals certainly can take advantage of corporate housing as well. In particular, far-flung and specifically multi-national companies make good use of corporate housing.
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