El Segundo Corporate Housing

El-Segundo When your business travels take you away from home for 30 days or longer, staying in a hotel just won’t cut it.

You need a place where you can eat dinner in, do your laundry, and enjoy all of the other conveniences of home. This is exactly what you get when you reserve El Segundo corporate housing.   

Unlike a hotel room that typically has only a bed, limited storage space, and a television, you stay in your own apartment for as long as you require corporate housing.

This gives you the privacy you need while still enjoying a fully furnished, hassle free living situation.

Services and Amenities in Your Corporate Housing Apartment

One of the most attractive benefits of apartments in corporate housing communities is that they are fully furnished before you arrive. This includes a bed, couch, chairs, and all other
furniture you would normally find in a home. Additionally, corporate housing apartments include the following amenities:

A kitchen that is fully equipped with a table, chairs, oven, microwave, silverware, dishes, and a dishwasher. A private bathroom with a full shower, bath towels and other linens.

On-site washer and dryer, and an iron and ironing board in your apartment.

Utilities included in the cost of your monthly rent. All major appliances in good working condition.

Benefits of Choosing Corporate Housing for Your Business Travel Needs

Many business executives say that having their own corporate housing apartment helps them concentrate on their work better because they feel more at home. They aren’t changing hotels
every couple of days or losing sleep because of neighbors who like to keep the party going all night long.

Another major benefit is being able to prepare your own meals. While eating out
occasionally is fine, it can get old in a hurry when you travel for business on a regular basis.

The City of El Segundo

El Segundo, like the rest of California, enjoys a beautiful climate all year round. Even in the winter, the temperature rarely drops below 60 degrees for a daytime high.

If you arrive by plane, you will probably come through Los Angeles International Airport since this is the nearest major city.

When you’re not working, you can enjoy one of southern California’s many major attractions, such as going to the beach at Playa Vista, the Santa Monica pier, or even taking in a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game.

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